Standard Monthly Subscription

More features for collaboration inside Autodesk Revit where users can drive live conversations on shared models.

Standard Monthly Subscription

All the basic version features for collaboration inside Autodesk Revit plus group conversations on shared project files and more.

Markup & Annotate Screenshots in Revit

Send screenshots of the active Revit view to any team member Revit-to-Revit. All screenshots can be annotated and red-lined before sending to any R-Communicator user from Revit. Perfect for small teams or groups of designers working together when its important to see what others see.


Chat on any 2D or 3D Element

Message team members in real-time in the team group or privately. R-Communicator brings conversations back to Autodesk® Revit® where teams can talk to each other, in real-time while viewing and editing their files together. Conversations can be pinned to any RVT project element, in any file stored in the R-Communicator cloud or locally on the user machine. These conversations can be quickly navigated via the file explorer or the active 3D model in view. Participate in many active parallel discussions taking place in the areas of your model where attention is most needed.

Send Files & Families Revit-to-Revit

Send any content (.rfa, .rvt, .ifc, .png etc) to any team member Revit-to-Revit. Members can drag & drop content to the local machine, to the Autodesk® Revit® project browser or place directly in the active model. Enabling super fast, focused collaboration between members inside Autodesk® Revit®.


Visually Navigate Model Conversations

In R-Communicator model elements become conversations. Selecting elements in the conversation tree will change the active model view allowing users to move around the model, conversation to conversation. Conversations with the issue icon show an issues is associated with that element. A red issues icon indicates that the associated issue is overdue.

Any 2D or 3D element becomes a conversation

R-Communicator is one of the defacto interfaces for BIM 360 Docs inside Autodesk® Revit®. Try it today or call one of our agents to learn more.

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